If God wanted us to be naked why did he invent lingerie

So the time has come when you want some new sexy lingerie for a special occasion. You just love the feel of the silk in your fingers and against your skin; your partner loves the cut of the panties and the suspenders that are attached. It feels like luxury goods and when you look at the price tag it seems like one too. So why when you can go to Primark and get a basic pair of cotton briefs does quality lingerie cost so much.

The best way to go through this is to break it down into component parts:

Firstly there is the material; when we are looking at the quality we like to feel against our skin when wearing a nice set of lingerie we know we need to be using high quality fabrics. One of the most desirable fabrics we could use would be silk, silk has everything we need; it’s strong and incredible to feel but it takes time to work with and is expensive to buy. Silk can cost from £300 to £1000 for a 50yard roll and this cost will obviously be passed down the line to the end buyer.

Another popular material for lingerie whether it be the whole garment or just a part of it is cotton. Cotton isn’t the most expensive of fabrics but it also isn’t cheap if you want to purchase fabric that has a good feel, is washable and absorbent. If you want to go another step and have cotton that is organically grown then that will add circa 30% more to the cost.

Man has taken some natural fibres and produced their own synthetic versions which can be eco-friendly, moisture wicking, easy to wash and dry, stretchy, shape-holding and super soft. But all these fabrics need to be developed over years and once they are produced the research will continue to ensure the fabrics continue to develop for years to come.

One material that can form the basis of a garment or just used to embellish an item is lace. Lace can be the most expensive material used on an item of lingerie, especially if it is fine lace. As we are talking lingerie here the lace has to be relatively fine and as such it will be pricey. Lace can cost from £1 a yard for a basic piece to £75 a yard.

So we have the material for our basic garment and then we need to add the pattern, if there is one. The print needs to be designed, then the design put on the print machine and then the run made. If the pattern is bespoke then that process will be costly for just a few garments. Some items will have the pattern actually woven into the material which will make it a lengthier process in itself.

If you are buying from a smaller company then they will be buying their fabric in smaller amounts and not getting the savings that are associated with bulk buying. This extra price you will have to pay is one of the extra costs associated with more unique garments.

To add to these basic costs we have other items that make up a piece of lingerie so things like buttons, elastic, labels, zips, hooks, binding, loops, bows, ribbons, chains etc. etc. When you think about it there are many components involved when you make up an item of lingerie.

So now you have everything you need to make the garment but now you actually have to make it.


Sexy red lingerie

Sexy red lingerie


Of course there is the actual making of the lingerie which involves cutting, sewing, finishing and adding the beading and embellishments. Most of this is taken for granted and a lot of it will be done by machine but the machines have still got to be bought, operated and maintained. If you are buying a more top end piece of lingerie then a lot of the stitching and finishing touches will be done by hand and this increases the cost and the time taken to produce the item.

Of course the company cannot make just one size of bra or panties they have to make a range even though some of them won’t be bought as much as the more common sizes. Of course with bras yu don’t only have the measurement around the chest but the cup size so you may have 34C and 34B etc.

So the company has produced the finished lingerie item. It is looking great and will feel a million dollars when it is worn. But there are still so many costs to come before it gets in your shopping bag. The building it was made in will have rents and taxes to pay on top of wages and raw materials. They will also pay for power and light.

The lingerie then has to be packaged in packaging that has been designed and branded. Once packaged who will buy it from the company. The company may well sell direct through a website or a shop but most times they will sell through third party shops and outlets. These people will have all the cost that we have seen above like power, staff wages and rents.

These people will not know about your product without exposure through marketing and merchandising. This involves professional marketers and photographers, salesmen and brand experts, models and maybe celebrity endorsements.

It may be you go to trade shows to sell your produce but this involves travel expenses, hotel rooms, stands and banners. There is no route to market that won’t involve high costs. A single page in a good magazine could set you back £100,000.

Many goods are sold online these days and a good ecommerce website will cost many tens of thousands of pounds and all of this and all of the above doesn’t account for profit. Noone above works for nothing and the producers and retailers want to make a profit for themselves or their shareholders.

So when you think about it, paying £50 or even £100 for a good pair or knickers or a good, well fitted bra is a small price to pay for comfort, sex appeal and a little piece of luxury.

le beau 1

Most people, mainly men, think that sexy lingerie is for the benefit of men but that really isn’t the case. Sure men like to look at women wearing sexy lingerie but women have to wear these garments 24/7 so it needs to be functional as well as look good. The effect it has on men is really a secondary thing.

Everyone likes to feel sexy, most people these days like to buy branded clothes to follow trends and fashions. The main reason people dress how they do is because they like to look good and feel good about themselves. You have more confidence and feel better about yourself if you think you have dressed well and look as good as you can.

le beau 1

Good lingerie is no different. Women who wear it like to feel good, they also like the way the lingerie feels against their skin. Good quality lingerie is made of good materials and fits well so is comfortable to wear, the materials are top notch so they feel good and sit well. The added bonus is that it looks great as well so its feels great and makes her feel like a million dollars.

Years ago women wore corsets and the like to make them look a certain way and these days you can do that too even with sexy underwear. So instead of the item of lingerie looking cumbersome they can still look sexy and also have figure improving details like push up bras, lycra to hold in a non-flat stomach. So their figure is enhanced and she looks sexy and feels even better.

So sexy lingerie is the go to underwear for women they can enhance their assets, feel comfortable and confident and turn on their men as well. What more could they wish for. In this day and age women work in some men dominated industries and could feel masculinised in some ways. But with a sexy suit and some sensual underwear they can maintain their femininity and be a real player in the world of business.

Sexy red lingerie

Sexy red lingerie

As one of the major suppliers of great lingerie in the UK Le Beau offers a full range of lingerie to cover all of a woman’s needs and wants. If they want to turn a man on they have that covered if they want comfort and sexiness they have that covered. It’s all there for you. Go and have a browse through their products and you will find exactly what you need at great prices.


You’ll find an enormous range of fantastic fantasy designs here to suit all tastes and budgets, opening up the world of sexy lingerie to women and men all over the world.

Whether you’re looking for a little something to surprise a loved one on a special day or adding a bit of sexy spice to the bedroom everyone will find an ensemble that will arouse and excite.

Sexy Teddy

Sexy Teddy

The decision by Le Beau Lingerie’s creator and managing director Andrew Brown to open up his virtual retail doors to the public back in 2007 indicated a recognition and appreciation of the fact that women and women everywhere deserved to be able to buy high quality, inexpensive sexy lingerie from the comfort of their homes.

This realization and understanding of what people want from a lingerie store has seen the company go from strength to strength, building up a huge and ever expanding database of satisfied customers that keep on coming back – back for the great range, the great prices and, above all, the great service that lies at the heart of the Le Beau ethos.

This results in the unique opportunity for customers to purchase high quality sexy lingerie without having to accept the unfeasible high mark ups prices that many websites choose to burden people with

Le Beau offer  you this without the potential pitfalls and discomfort that many of us feel even browsing in these stores, let alone summoning up the courage to take something to the counter.

OK, time for a quick Quiz:

1)      Ladies, do you want to be hassled by emaciated, patronizing sales staff while you’re trying to decide what to buy for a sexy evening in?

2)      Guys, do you want to be bothered by shop girls as you awkwardly wander around the store, looking for something for your special lady even though you’ve been desperately attempting to avoid eye contact?

Not even those with the most masochistic of inclinations would answer yes – though if that’s your thing the Le Beau’s wardrobe extends to your needs.

Sexy red lingerie

Sexy red lingerie

Okay, for those of you not traumatized by the prospect of buying your sexy lingerie at a store, there’s still the simple fact that retail establishments don’t have the space available within their pink-painted walls to show off the phenomenal range of sexy lingerie that Le Beau has to offer. To do this a retail stores would have to be enormous – and yet I doubt there are few things less sexy than buying your lingerie from an aircraft hangar at the back end of an industrial estate… except perhaps Susan Boyle in a tank top… just a tank top.

Instead you are forced to choose from a meager selection of items of inadequate quality in limited sizes. If there’s one thing that consumers are no longer willing to accept, it is a lack of options.

And while retail stores may provide a couple of extra outfits for special days such as Christmas, Valentine’s Day and, really quite disturbingly, Mother’s Day, most people tend to have fantasies that depend more upon their mood and not upon a calendar.

Scheduling your sexy fun doesn’t really seem to be all that fun or sexy.

Thankfully, Le Beau is here to help.

Instead of enduring such as ordeal why not relax at home, free from harassment and irritation, a glass of wine or beer in hand, making your choices from the extensive and enticing range, safe in the knowledge that the items that Le Beau send swiftly to your door will provide thrills beyond your wildest expectations.

The proof is in the pudding however, so why not visit the fine people at Le Beau – you won’t be disappointed.

It’s all there, easy to see, fun to choose, and irresistible to buy. From first-time on-line negligee novices to seasoned veterans of the world of sexy ensembles, you can get all your sexy lingerie at Le Beau Lingerie.

lingerieSome of our lucky VIP customers will be receiving their FREE sneak preview lingerie in the next few days. All boxed up by our very own in house Hannah taking great care to make sure the boxes presentation match the quality of its contents.

We hope all the recipients enjoy then (we are sure their partners will)

Checkout the lingerie range

Lingerie at le-beau is getting a much brighter and more welcome reputation for the sexy lingerie company as time passes by. The Sexy Lingerie organisation was formed and launched in 2007 and ever since has bounced from strength to strength in throughout the UK lingerie market because of the jaw dropping range of sexy lingerie, unbeatable customer service, extremely competitive retail prices and a mind blowing online experience. Le beau Lingerie currently sells a large catalogue of the sexiest lingerie to not only the United Kingdom but also the majority of overseas countries. Now currently one of Great Britain’s most preferred retailers of sexy lingerie by a long way and now offering the whole leg avenue catalogue online of not only lingerie, but also fancy dress costumes, sexy hosiery, bodystockings, fishnet stockings, corsets and much more.

This successful online lingerie provider le beau was created and setup by the managing director Sir Andrew Peter Brown of Lancashire in the United Kingdom.  Andy set off in the beginning of his lingerie business conquest feeling that he could give a much more friendly service to the customers offering them  a extensive range of sexy lingerie what would be considered a more than competitive price. This was achieved by Andrew forming and maintaining Le Beau Lingerie with slightly different and not the most traditional ways of working with the main focus of always keeping the costs and overheads to a minimum, this resulting in le beau not requiring a high mark-up on the sexy lingerie that we offer, we feel that this is a excellent situation for both the company and the customers who can now obtain the highest quality lingerie at the lowest prices available on the lingerie market.

Le Beau Lingerie at present has developed a substantial sized database of past customers that now often receive updates, news and extremely large discounts for sexy lingerie via online promotional codes, the large number of existing customers have become more than just loyal fans of their favourite brands of the sexy lingerie offered from le-beau. Director Mr Brown says “In this current web climate all online market areas on the web are extremely competitive and we feel that a superb product, price and website just doesn’t cut the mustard, and we are by far in one of the most competitive and brutal online businesses on the web. It is my intention to give all of our customers a experience they won’t forget from our website with an fool proof web layout, we also like to reward our existing loyal customers by handing out regular promotional voucher codes and coupons by regular electronic mailings, we also offer their friends and associates a discount on the first order they place with us and I will always try my best to make sure we answer and resolve any issues as quick as we can.”

Our Sexy lingerie right now is clearly in a high a demand as it ever has been, from boyfriends & Husbands uprising their wives and girlfriends to women going out on round town in adult fancy dress costumes celebrating all sorts of occasions such as hen parties, stag do’s and birthdays, our sexy lingerie catalogue offers all people, of all tastes and walks of life lingerie they will appreciate for all the right reasons. We always strive to please by ensuring our sexy lingerie products are of both the highest quality.
The Sexy lingerie company le-beau.co.uk clearly has a heavy foot in the online lingerie business and would appear to be continuing to constantly grow thereby attracting more and more new customers and lingerie lovers from all the natural sources such as word of mouth and some of the popular social networking sites. Mr Brown of le beau sexy lingerie claims that le beau lingerie have spent thousands in marketing and promoting the business and getting people to know what they have achieved, what le beau offer and just what this lingerie company are all about. The company have found they do not have to work as hard at marketing the company recently as the website reputation and popularity grows naturally by word of mouth, this has been made possible by maintaining lower prices but a extremely high service standard. The user experience from le-beau.co.uk is second to none and product quality is very high. As the sexy lingerie company continue to develop so does their buying power which gives much more room for negotiation of lingerie stock prices which means lower buying prices which ultimately results in a lower RRP price of our sexy lingerie for all of our customers”.

The founder of le beau lingerie asked if he could take this opportunity to thank all of le-beau’s customers for their extreme loyalty they have shown and support for the business and by helping to promote and extend our sexy lingerie website by informing their friends and work associates and also spreading the word about our lingerie products.

The intimate apparel industry reports that U. S. women spent and estimated $9.6 billion on intimate apparel in 2007. Intimate apparel sales projections for 2013 are $11 billion. Although one third of women buy intimate apparel at department stores, the internet is used for research and purchases. Whether online or retail, bodystockings & sexy costumes offer shoppers affordable style.bodystocking

When shopping for intimate apparel, cost is a constant critical factor to consumers of all ages despite the consumer’s economic class. Aesthetic appeal is important to younger shoppers. On the other hand, mature consumers shop for practical aspects such as comfort and value.

Bodystockings can offer consumers comparatively inexpensive but stylish options when shopping for lingerie. Bodystockings lace patterns include rose, bow, floral, spider web, honeycomb, butterfly and bow lace. Fish net, diamond net, crochet net, industrial net, or fence net bodystockings can be added to anyone’s intimate collection for less than ten dollars. Embellishments include a ruffle top, satin ribbons, satin bows, lace up legs, crisscross front, crisscross back, suspenders, rhinestones, and keyhole cutout. Two-piece bodystockings with chain link, and suspender bodystockings are among the assortments.

Bodystockings can be transparent, opaque, checked or pattered. Tank top, off shoulder, spaghetti straps, or halter bodystockings are additional selections. Neckline versatility includes scoop neck, V neck, and deep V neck bodystockings. For those who appreciate less as more, sleeveless bodystockings, footless bodystockings and bodystockings with cutouts for the chest or groin areas, can enhance bodystocking appeal.

Bodystockings come in a limited range of colors, with black as the principal color. Size options can be limited to one size fits all, or plus sizes. Occasionally, bodystockings offer small, medium or large sizes. For those with specialty needs, shoppers can find department stores with petite sizes or petite boutique stores.

Intimate apparel trends include apparel versatility as outerwear, specialty factors for those seeking plus-size, maternity, and mastectomy intimate apparel, and green products. For shoppers considering intimate apparel as outwear, there are sexy costumes that can be worn outside of just Halloween or special events, with prices that are as affordable as any other outfit.


Shoppers seeking sexy costumes need only input something as simple as a fairy tale character, an ethnic theme, a career theme, or sports theme to discover a variety of costumes. Among fairy costumes are those that are dark, Gothic, autumn, garden, white, green, forest, or the Tooth Fairy.

A range of fairy tale costumes are themed on Cinderella, Snow White, Alice in Wonderland, Strawberry Shortcake, Little Miss Muffet, Mary Had a Little Lamb, Little Red Riding Hood, Little Bo Peep, Wizard of Oz, Heidi, Goldilocks, Sugar Plum Fairy, Raggedy Ann, Rainbow Brite, Tinkerbell, Pippi Longstocking, Nutcracker, and the Three Musketeers.

Shoppers can browse online from an endless array of twists on sexy standards for nurse, devil, vampire and pirate costumes. Law enforcement costumes include standard police officer, prisoner, but also FBI, sheriff, trooper, deputy. Career costumes include old standbys like doctor, patient, firefighter, as well as magician, bullfighter, race car driver, pit crew, referee, golfer, equestrian, caddy, boxer, and female football player.

Science fiction fans can pick from a sexy scientist, Princess Leia, or Star Trek costume. Renaissance fair garb include Robin Hood, Maid Marian, Guinevere, wizard, warrior, princess, barbarian, Xena, forest fairy, wench, and wood sprite.

Environmental oriented shoppers might consider the assortment of bee, ladybug, butterfly bunny, kitten, lion, cat, mouse, panda, leopard, cheetah, jaguar, cougar, tigress, or zebra costumes.

Greek, Russian, Fraulein, St. Patty’s, senorita, leprechaun, lederhosen, Bollywood, Geisha, German beer maiden, Viking, Eskimo, Scottish, matador, tango, and Turkish costumes are among culturally themed sexy costumes.

Bodystockings & sexy costumes can add value and flair to any wardrobe, whether worn as intimate apparel or as outerwear.

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